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What My Clients Are Saying About Me

At Law Offices of Michael E. Finein, I always strive to provide the highest quality legal services for my clients, and some have been kind enough to send me remarks concerning my representation. If you would like to discuss a family law matter, call my Oakland office at 510-306-1055 or fill out my online contact form.

Client Reviews

The two most important things to know about Mike are that he knows the law and that the judges that we worked with all respect him. Because of his knowledge of the law, he got me the results I needed so that I could move forward with my life. I was able to move away from California to be closer to my family. They provide me with the help I need to finish my education, so that I can have a career to support my children. I couldn’t do this without Mike’s work to get me the spousal and child support I need to live off of while I get my education.

From Emily L.


Mike was professional from our very first meeting to our very last. He is an exceptionally hard worker. I never had to contact him to remind him to get things done, he was the one contacting me to make sure that I knew what was going on.


Working with a divorce lawyer is never inexpensive, but Mike’s rates were pretty comparable to other lawyers in the same area. He was less expensive than some I looked into.


Mike knows what he’s doing. He’s very personable and gets results. I’d hire him again.


I was honored to have Mike represent me in a rather complicated family case. He knows family law, the judges that presided over my hearings as well as law specific to the county my child resides in. For these reasons, he was able to determine the paths to take through the complicated matters involved in my case. In so doing, he spared me from facing years of paying unnecessary support with interest and this provided me with a feeling of comfort. It also spared my mother and brother from bearing the stress involved, were the matter mentioned above to have been made effective. I also have a more organized and set schedule to receive visits with my child, which also replaces stress, concerns and emotions with relief and room to breathe. I can concentrate on moving forward with my education to enter a better career to support my child. In short, this would not have been possible without Mike’s knowledge and expertise. I would definitely hire him as my attorney of record if need be, and I encourage all of you out there to consider Mike. If you need a superb family attorney, Mike is the one!

From Tom B.


I highly recommend Mike as a divorce attorney. I found him to be very knowledgeable (things turned out much like he said they would), easy to work with (he told me my options every step of the way, and gave me enough information so that I could make informed decisions), and flexible (he met with me more than once on weekends). My case had very complicated property issues, and somewhat messy custody issues. Mike quickly understood all of it, and was able to broker a settlement that worked well for me, was fair to my ex, and kept us all out of court. I give him five stars!

From Monte S.