Oakland And Alameda Family Law Attorney

Often the circumstances that led to the divorce and the legal process itself can leave both spouses feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. Whether your primary concern is getting the divorce finalized as quickly as possible or getting what you are entitled to by law in terms of property, custody and support, an experienced divorce attorney can help.

Call the Law Offices of Michael E. Finein in Oakland. I offer experienced and effective representation in divorce matters, having resolved hundreds of cases involving difficult and complex issues. I represent clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Every family law case is unique because the people involved are unique.

I will take the time to fully understand your situation and assist you with matters pertaining to any of the following:

  • Property division, including stock options, real estate, business valuations, retirement plans and pension plans, separate property tracing
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Child move-away, custodial parent relocation
  • Spousal maintenance, alimony
  • Attorneys' fees

Protecting Your Family By Advocating For You

During a divorce, it is important not only to efficiently reach a resolution, but also to make sure that your legal rights are protected. I will advocate for the best interests of you and your family — even before the official divorce process begins.

Whenever possible, I will attempt to settle your divorce efficiently and amicably in an effort to minimize conflict and costs. I do understand, however, that this is not always possible, in which case I will draw upon my training and experience as a litigator to fight for your best interests in negotiations and the courtroom.